Serialize and Unserialize online tool

An handy tool for developers

This website is made by a developer for developers. Nothing more, nothing less. It's, of course, completely free of use and you can share this address as much as you like. If you have any questions, requests, suggestions or even bug report, feel free to contact me!


This tool doesn't store any of the information you can put in the input form. There are no database usage, no cookie, no sessions... Of course, because of technical needs, every form submissions is appended to the web server log. But I never read it and the log rotate doesn't keep it for long.

Technical information

This small tool was built upon some very handful piece of code:

A powerful yet simple CSS framework made and used by twitter.
The most popular and up-to-date JavaScript library. The web-developer best friend!
jQuery forms
The best form plugin for jQuery.
Symfony2 Yaml
Very powerful Yaml parser/dumper written by Fabien Potencier, taken from the Symfony2 framework.


Initial release
Various debug in the XML parser.
Addition of the Yaml format thanks to the Symfony2 component.

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